About Us

Through harsh Montana winters, we are a Low Barrier facility to save lives!

We accept people as they are. We provide a warm safe shelter for individuals or families who may have no other option…

Our Vision

Our vision for the Flathead Warming Center is to provide a warm, safe, low barrier facility.

You don’t have to go very far in our beautiful valley to see the need around us…

The Facility

The Flathead Warming Center is looking to be a good neighbor.

We are currently searching for the right location to meet this need in our community.

Get Involved

The Flathead Warming Center is a volunteer-driven mission. We can not exist without many in our community giving of their time and talents, contact us for available opportunities.

Our Mission
Our mission is to save lives and encourage dignity through low barrier access to a warm safe place to sleep for anyone in need throughout the coldest months of the year.
Our Why
People in our community need help

“I don’t know how old I was, but I have distinct memories of the first homeless person I ever encountered. My family and I were together in the car. We had stopped at a light. I wasn’t old enough to read the sign the man held. I wasn’t even old enough to have the proper words. I spoke up. I hollered out, “I feel poor for him!” I didn’t care why he was homeless. I didn’t need to know his story. Plain and simple, I was not OK that he was homeless. He was just a human in need of help. As a child, that is all I needed to know. As an adult, sometimes things seem complicated. I have struggled with curiosity; as if learning details would change the fact: This is a human in need of help!” ~ Tonya

People in our community need help, and that’s why we are here!

Come join our mission!

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The Flathead Warming Center is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization, governed by our Board of Directors.
It is impossible for words to completely sum up the depth of character, wisdom, experience, and love that we believe God has put in place for the FWC leadership!