Come Join Our Mission

The Flathead Warming Center is a volunteer-driven mission. We can not exist without many in our community giving of their time, talents, and resources.

Winter 2019/2020, 57 onsite trained volunteers, covering 500 shifts, over 87 nights, giving 1,653 hours of time and passion to care for 105 of our neighbors in need of shelter.

Winter 2021/2022, onsite trained volunteers, over 192 nights, gave 2,584+ hours of time and compassion to care for 349 of our neighbors without homes.

“Anyone who willingly enters into the pain of a stranger is truly a remarkable person.” ~Henri Nouwen

Just the beginning… When you help someone through providing basic needs of shelter, a meal, and a shower, there is a certain gravity to the situation. There is a moment of depth and a personal connection, a moment of shared humanity. Words really can’t explain.

Invisible. Just one word, used the most by our homeless neighbors in describing how it feels to be surviving on the street. Invisible.

Each individual carries a different story wrapped in similarities of illness, tragedy, trauma, and pain. No one is homeless by complete choice.

Inside the Flathead Warming Center, there are amazing opportunities to perhaps provide the only conversation of the day. We get to open the door and greet each person. We get to hear their stories, their plans. We get to offer a hot drink and a dry pair of clean socks, AND now a shower! We get to smile and laugh with each guest. We get to know someone’s son, someone’s sister, someone’s father. We get to learn more about ourselves. We learn that there really shouldn’t be a divide between, “us” and “them” because we are more alike than we are different. We are all in this together! There is community inside the Flathead Warming Center. We all become less invisible.

Do you have the desire to get involved in something meaningful, something that really counts, and in a place where your time and investment will really make a difference and be appreciated?

You can find that here! We want to be your volunteer home! Together we invest in the lives of others!

We offer volunteer orientation weekly throughout the season.

Contact the Flathead Warming Center Volunteer Coordinator for opportunities to get involved. email.

Interested in hearing how you / your group can provide a meal? Contact the Flathead Warming Center Meal Coordinator to learn more. email.

Contact the Flathead Warming Center Supply Coordinator to learn how you/ your group can help to supply shelter supplies. email.

Current Needs:

Your Time

    • On-site volunteers – training required
    • Fundraising event volunteers

Your Talents

    • Tradesmen
    • Legal counsel
    • Web / social media PR
    • Fundraising

Your Resources

    • One time capital gifts to secure and furnish the facility
    • Reoccurring financial support to cover month to month operational expenses

Please contact us!  We want to hear from you!